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Draperies and Valances

DRYCLEANNY.COM, we offer the valleys finest in drapery, curtain, and valance cleaning. All draperies are pre-measured and beautifully pleated after cleaning.

We now offer Drapery Cleaning in your home or office!

DRYCLEANNY.COM can now clean any type of window treatment or fabric covering, WHERE THEY HANG, without having to take them to the cleaners. This includes Swags, Balloons, Jabots, Valances, Cornices, Fabric Shades, Verticals, Silhouettes, Duettes, Pleated Shades, and Sun-damaged and Fragile Fabrics. We guarantee no shrinkage, damage or loss of sizing.

Mattress Cleaning

 Are you sleeping with the enemy?


Did you know that approximately eight out of ten asthmatics are allergic to dust mites? They are so small that nearly 1000 of them can fit on a pin head.

The dust mite's favorite breeding and living space is the mattress. They like a moist, dark environment.

The Solution -  Anti-Dust Mite Treatment.

Our special mattress treatment kills dust mites and removes the excrement which causes allergies. We apply it to your mattress, pillows, and bedding.

Best of all, it is made from natural sources and is child and pet friendly.

Our Process
  • We use a professional grade vacuum to vacuum both sides of your mattress.
  • We apply our treatment which penetrates up to nine inches into the mattress, killing and neutralizing the dust mites and their excrement.
  • We then vacuum both sides of the mattress and pillows to remove the mites and their waste.

Call us at 212-693-1400 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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We spare no expense in providing extraordinary service and take a great deal of pride in producing the best look and feel in garments and fabrics available today.

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